Tuesday, October 5, 2010

h&m skirts for men

i'm wanting to try this out this next season. i've read a lot of mixed opinions about these skirts, but i for one am a fan. i love the look with the leggings too. i really enjoy the look of the leggings under this skirt. hopefully it will encourage more men to start showing off their legs, because we have legs too!

in many ways this is similar to the new trend in men's fashion to bring back and reclaim the kilt making it more modern. i'm for it. i also really love the tights/leggings he is wearing underneath the skirt. i really hope this catches on here in the united states. i would love to get rid of some of my bifurcation (pants) and open up the new world of skirts and kilts.

1 comment:

  1. After seeing the movie Pompeii and all those tone gladiator men in short skirts I honestly cannot wait for skirts to become common place for both men and women. Men can look so great in skirts!!